Sunday, July 31, 2011


When it comes to a working life, there's a high probability for someone to celebrate an occasion in advance, just in case you might need to work late on that day. That happened to me in my 21st birthday this year. Oh well, she bought me a watch as promised, just that i wasn't realize she went to KLCC for the purpose of buying me the present while waiting for me to finish my work. Hmmmm...

My pressieeee....

My new watch (ESPRIT), pure leather. :p

And also, i was having my first ice-cream birthday cake this year. Have you ever heard to this short clip? "Happy ice-cream cake to you". Well, if you do, then you'd know where is the cake bought from. :p The ice-cream was chocolate in flavour while the cake is, sponge cake maybe? LOL. There goes my birthday celebration, a simple yet the most memorable one. =)

From the out-side!
From the in-side!!

A small precaution though. If you ever plan to get an ice-cream birthday cake, make sure that all the procedures from taking the cake out from the box to making a wish, blowing candles and cut the cake are fast, otherwise you'd be facing the same difficulties as i was. >.< The cake melted in just a few seconds! :(

Okay, back to a little bit story of my working life. I had been working for PwC for a exactly a month now. Within the month, i was having an effective 8 days of training while the first day of training was held at the le Meridien hotel in KL and the rest was at the office. Oh well, the short duration of training gained me the knowledge of how to carry out an audit of a company, how to have a proper interaction with clients, etc etc. Then, my true working life started on my ninth day - a long engagement with the Maxis group. Here are some of the pictures i would like to share...

@ the le Meridien hotel registration before entrance.

My profile.

Took this shot while i was about to go back from work. =)

A simple celebration with my batch-mates after our first training at PwC, before our first step into our own engagement.

Its Monday again tomorrow, guess need to listen to the Monday Parody song by JJ and Ian from Its Monday Monday.... Wish we could fast forward to the weekend weekend.... @.@


Monday, June 27, 2011


Yea, I concluded myself today as mission accomplished! Ha! Because i fulfilled all my girl friend's birthday wishes - pressie, cake, a day trip to Penang and to try out the one and only one Charlie Brown cafe at Straits Quay Penang. Initially i thought it was an impossible thingy due to some unsettled stuffs from xxx in my hometown. But who knows, things just went on so smoothly today! Haha!

We started our journey at noon time and reached there about an hour later. And that's the time we tried to find our own way to the Charlie Brown cafe. Charlie Brown cafe facebook The official website is currently under construction and so i believe users are unable to access into it. =) Seems like everyone goes there just to take pictures with the icons in the shop, mostly Snoopy the dog of course. Alright, just a simple description of the location, it is located at the Straits Quay (a new residential area and shopping mall in Penang) in Tanjung Tokong. My memory, however, did not fail me from reaching the place despite the small number of times i go to Penang. :D But the problem was, we reached Straits Quay, just that we couldn't find where the hell was Charlie!! The shopping mall did not look alike the usual shopping mall, quite unique and complicated, though. (You'll know what i mean if you go there. :p) After some guidance from my friend and yea, we finally found it - the Charlie Brown cafe.

Charlie Brown Cafe

That's us, with her favourite Snoopy. :D
The ambient there was great actually, just that the food was a bit over-priced i guess. 1 plate beef spaghetti, 1 plate of roasted chicken nasi lemak, 1 chocolate milkshake and 1 mix-fruits ice cream costs us RM62.80. @@!! Anyhow, first experience worth the price. =) Well, my whole album can be found at First experience at Charlie Brown cafe.

Next station was the Gurney Plaza for a shop. Surprisingly we could hardly see people there for the first time! Ha! Oh well, i feel like i am getting too old for shopping. I already felt boring and tired even we just walked for 15 minutes!!! XD Hell ya, travelling has become one of our habit. People used to stay overnight or at least half a day when they travel up to Genting but 3 years ago, we went there for only 2 hours and paid for the outdoor tickets just for the fun and fresh air. @@ We could travel for a long journey to Malacca just for a meal. And so today the same thing occurred, we stayed at Penang for less than 4 hours only! Huhu~~~

Cheers EVERYONE!!!